Local specialties

The gastronomy of Furore offers various specialties related to farming and seafaring tradition. Recipes features are: the squid or octopus with potato and stockfish (dried cod) with verraccia (borage), typical of Furore. There are also excellent cheeses from nearby Agerola, products with local milk (cow); to enjoy with fragrant toasted bread and bagels. Furore is rich crops of tomatoes that, tied to a rope and hung from the rafters of the cellars (hence the name of the local cherry tomatoes), are retained until Easter and are great for bruschetta, to flavor fish or pasta.
The wine d.o.c is another peculiarity of the place. Manufactured by green vineyards that rely on the flanks of the hill going to create a characteristic element of the landscape. The green expanses of vineyards, next to lemon and orange groves, covering the steep sides of the hill, becoming one of the characteristic elements of the landscape. Here, where viticulture is more intense surviving vines of noble lineage, providing wines that pair well with local dishes. White, red and rosé, produced by local wineries and made ​​from vines, perched on the surrounding slopes, where the sun caresses them allowing the right ripeness.



Comune di Furore